Fighting with CAB visualizers and visualizations

Anyone who has previously developed with CAB knows that documentation and information are scarce, but when one faces something like I recently faced, everything becomes even more difficult.

When I tried to use a visualizer with my application, I was faced with something very strange (to say the least).

(For those who don’t know it, a visualizer is a CAB component that collects information about the WorkItems in the application and makes that information available to visualizations that will display it.)

Finding out that I needed a visualizer element in my configuration file it wasn’t easy. But nothing prepared me to the fact that this element is just a collection of visualizations.

The configuration section looks something like this:

	<add type=visualization type/><add type=visualization type/>

Would it be more logical to have something like this?

<visualizer type=visualizer type>
		<add type=visualization type/><add type=visualization type/>

We could even configure the type of the visualizer, which we can’t with the current architecture.

And this pearl came out of PAG.

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