WebBrowserControl for the .NET Framework 1.1

Finally, I published “my” WebBrowserControl for the .NET Framework 1.1.

I wanted to do a nice article on the buts, hows and whys, but never got the time for it. And since .NET 3.0 is knocking on our door, pretty soon no one will care about .NET 1.1 stuff.

I’ve already done some work to port it to .NET 2.0. My wish was to enhance the WebBrowser control supplied, but they made it near impossible to extend.

Once more, many thanks to Igor Tandetnik, João Melo, Luís Abreu, Oleg Mihailik and many more.

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4 Responses to WebBrowserControl for the .NET Framework 1.1


    The files are not avaiable under codeproject web site. Do you have any alternative to download ?

  2. CodeProject seems to have lost my files. I’ve re-uploaded them.

  3. Peter says:

    Hello Paulo,

    have you found the solution for catch window.showModalDialog and window.showModelessDialog event yet?

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