Windows Live Does Care About Users

At least, Windows Live Search does.

After my post about the way non English speakers are treated by Windows Live, I’ve been contacted by a Program Manager from Live Search and an Int’l Lead Program Manager.

As it turned out, I had my Live Search settings to display the pages in “Portuguese (Brasil)”. This means that everything is working fine with Live Search – correct display setting (pt-BR) for the correct market (pt-PT).

They might want to check the spelling for the Brazilian version though. In Portuguese, country names can have gender or not. It might look odd to not use a gender when it should but it’s definitely wrong to use one when it shouldn’t be used or to use the wrong one.

The problem with the Brazilian version is that it’s always using the contraction of the preposition de (from in English) with the definite article o (masculine form of the English the) which makes do (da is the feminine version). This looks OK with Brazil (masculine) but looks odd with Portugal (no gender) or France (feminine).

I’m no language expert but I don’t think there’s a rule for when using a gender and which one should be used (it might even differ between Portugal and Brazil). I guess they would need a definition table for that.

The Portuguese version uses only the preposition de without the contraction with a definite article. And in this case it doesn’t look odd at all.

Now I feel like a first class citizen, at least in Windows Live Search.

I still think that Google‘s approach is simplier and better. I just don’t use it because I sold my soul to Microsoft (as I’ve been told many times).