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PDC2008: Building A Schedule

I’m having a hard time building a schedule for the PDC. I’m mainly interested in four areas: Cloud Parallel Identity Oslo and they all have overlapping sessions. I guess I’ll have to cook the PDC and Tech-Ed EMEA 2008 Developers … Continue reading

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PDC2008: Is My House On The Cloud Or Is The Cloud In My House?

This year’s PDC is mostly about the cloud. Everyone is talking about the cloud: cloud services, cloud computing, etc. but I’m not sure everyone has the same understanding of what the cloud is. Let’s say it’s a cloudy concept. So, … Continue reading

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PDC2008: Are Windows Forms Dead?

This year’s PDC is all about the cloud (or cloudy as I call it) and the .NET Framework 4.0. No one at Microsoft has ever told me that Windows Forms are dead (quite the opposite) but looking at the list … Continue reading

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Steve Ballmer In Portugal

Last Friday, October 3rd, Steve Ballmer (you know who he is – Microsoft’s CEO) was in Portugal. He was at a local Microsoft event, but I couldn’t attend because I was in Madrid in an MVP OpenDay (one could say … Continue reading

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Typemock Isolator 5.1 Released

This major version adds static method support and non-public method faking to the AAA API. Check out the release notes. I don’t like the reflective approach to testing private methods. With the new additions to the AAA API, testing this … Continue reading

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Faking Output Parameters With Typemock Isolator

Some time ago I was asked if it was possible to fake output parameters with Typemock Isolator. It’s actually very easy using any of the APIs. Given this class: public class MyClass { public bool MyMethod(string input, out int output1, … Continue reading

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