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Internet Explorer 8 RC 1 has now been released!

Internet Explorer 8 RC 1 has now been released! You can get it here. Before installing, please read the Release Notes and more information about features and developer docs can be found in the IE8 Readiness Toolkit. Internet Explorer 8 … Continue reading

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Help Typemock Launch Its New Visual Basic .NET Friendly API And You Might Get A Free License

Typemock is announcing today a new version of Typemock Isolator (5.2). One of the coolest features in the new version is the inclusion of a new VB .NET unit testing API. This ‘VB friendly’ API was designed and written in … Continue reading

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Setting A Web Proxy Through Configuration In .NET Applications

Specially in enterprise environments, proxy servers are used to access the Internet. In a Windows / Internet Explorer environments there is a proxy server configuration in Internet Properties > Connections > LAN settings > Proxy server. Although these configurations are … Continue reading

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The Problem Of Long Web Browser User-Agent Strings

Every web browser sends, on every request, a user-agent request HTTP header to the server. If you are curious about how Internet Explorer’s user-agent string is form, read this article. This information is used by server software to identify the … Continue reading

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Social Networking Overload

There’s been a growth of social networks and the the addition of social networking features to other sites. Nowadays, you can find a vas variety of social networks: Facebook Hi5 MySpace WAYN Windows Live etc. There’s also a some professional … Continue reading

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