Adobe Reader Fails To Upgrade/Install

Yesterday I was offered an update to Adobe Reader (the latest version for Windows Vista is version 9.1) on my company’s laptop.

I accepted the update but it failed. It was late and a failed update to Adobe Reader was the least of my worries at the time.

Today, when I tried to use Adobe Reader, I noticed it had been uninstalled.

It’s not nice having to download and install something like Adobe Reader when I need to open a document, but the worst came when I tried to install it.

Adobe Reader requires elevated privileges to install but, due to the way the installer works, being a local administrator (I running Vista x64 Enterprise joined to a corporate domain) is not enough to install Adobe Reader on C:\Program Files (x86), because it was still failing.

I had already created C:\Program Files (Utils), to install the Windows Sysinternals tools (in particular, Process Explorer) and did the same for Adobe Reader.

Do you know what was the first name I thought of for this folder? C:\Program Files (Bad)

Just blame it on Vista.

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2 Responses to Adobe Reader Fails To Upgrade/Install

  1. aa1234aa says:

    Adobe Acrobat 9.x also fails on XP. I came across this web site, but haven’t tried the solution yet:

    You would think someone at Adobe would have tested the installation before releasing. Whatever happended to the days that all you needed to install was an executable file.

  2. paulo says:

    Thanks for the info.

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