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Announcing The Microsoft Roslyn CTP

The Roslyn team has announced general availability of the Roslyn CTP! The official launch is at, and there were a number of blogs to publicize the availability broadly (soma, ericli, vsteam, vbteam, c#faq) and across twitter. This release marks … Continue reading

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What Is The .NET Framework 4.5?

According to the .NET Blog, .NET Framework 4.5 is an in-place update that replaces .NET Framework 4.0 (rather than a side-by-side installation). The goal is for .NET 4.5 to be fully backward compatible with applications built for .NET 4.0 (.NET … Continue reading

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Internet Explorer 10 User Agent Strings On Windows 8 64bit

Internet Explorer 10 is the web browser Microsoft is delivering with Windows 8. According to its different usages and modes, its user agent string is as follows: Application Environment 32/64 bit User Agent String Internet Explorer Metro – Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; … Continue reading

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