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It’s a minor but annoying problem for CommunityServer 1.1 . solved couple weeks ago.

When adding links in administration page, there will always have client javascript error saying that it must have a “)” exist. the count of the same error had a pattern related to the link category added, means if there were 5 categories there, everytime entering the link admin page, there will be 5 script error poped up.

After a dig into the source code, found the problem is caused by resource file. when the link page is rendering , there will be a block of javascript using a resource file error message inside a string variable. this variable using ” ‘ ” to embrace the string and happened that the resource string also got ” ‘ ” inside it, thus caused that whole javascript statement incorrect and cause the error.

the recourse file used is English resource file, located in /communityserver-website/Languages/en-US/Resources.xml , there is a resource at line 2482 like this:

<resource name = “ManageLinks_ConfirmDeleteCategory”>Are you sure you want to delete this category? All of it’s child links will be deleted as well.</resource>

the code that cause error is at the category delete button onclick event. which is like this:

onclick=”return confirm(‘Are you sure you want to delete this category? All of it’s child links will be deleted as well.‘);”

as obviously, that is the “it’s” inside the ” ‘ ” string that caused the error, which is the resource string above.

to solve this, just remove the ” ‘ ” of that “it’s” to “its” or some other things that don’t have a ” ‘ ” inside, then it’s done, no source code modification is needed.

A better way to solve this should be modify the source code checking the output string to see if it conflict the string formation in javascript layout.

A mirror post to CommunityServer Forum about this issue is posted at . hope this helps…

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