NHibernate 1.0.2 released…


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NHibernate got its 1.0.2 release. Release Note as follows:


Bugs Fixed:

    * [NH-409] – Sybase – Polymorphics Queries – wrong SQL generation about aliases/quotes
    * [NH-418] – Custom persister cannot be instanciated.
    * [NH-464] – DateTime does not work in composite-element mapping
    * [NH-470] – Disconnect and Close should not close user-supplied connections
    * [NH-471] – Misspelled property in ICriteria throws NullReferenceException
    * [NH-476] – GetSetHelperFactory doesn’t work with external dependencies
    * [NH-477] – IncrementGenerator reads Int64 even if Int32 or Int16 is used.
    * [NH-479] – One-To-One SaveAndUpdateCopy – Reference Identifier Bug
    * [NH-480] – Should use invariant culture with ToLower and other string calls
    * [NH-496] – Reflection optimizer should throw a more informative exception when a property is mapped using a wrong type
    * [NH-505] – Reflection optimizer does not work with structures
    * [NH-508] – changes to idbag collection not persisted correctly
    * [NH-509] – ILMerge is not packaged in the distribution
    * [NH-512] – Custom properties accessors do not work
    * [NH-523] – SaveOrUpdateCopy throws PersistentObjectException

New Features:

    * [NH-513] – FOR UPDATE NOWAIT in Postgresql 8.1


    * [NH-483] – Improve type resolution to handle dynamic assemblies
    * [NH-488] – Change log level for GetSetHelper messages to DEBUG so that users are not confused
    * [NH-489] – Remove logging from ADOException constructor
    * [NH-491] – SQLite dialect should use DATETIME type for date/time columns
    * [NH-493] – Correction in the NHibernate.Type.CharType.cs
    * [NH-497] – Add more Hibernate-compatible type names
    * [NH-506] – Make Environment.UseReflectionOptimizer property writable
    * [NH-516] – Log SQL parameter values
    * [NH-521] – Locking an unitialized entity causes its initialization
    * [NH-525] – Upgrade to latest DynamicProxy

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