Mail Disappeared!! Outlook Express File Size Limit??


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Ok, one of my friends sent me a mail asking that her colleague using Outlook Express and seems the inbox is too big and this colleague just lost his mails. According to my friend’s mail, Corp MIS guy said that this is “due to” Outlook Express limitation of inbox file (.mbx file) size and if the inbox’s file size exceeds certain size (say, 2GB for example) , Outlook Express will “automatically” delete ones mails in inbox folder, “without notice”, which, according to my friend’s description on the mail she sent to me.

Did a search via Google, seems seldom people have this problem, but still found something about this here.

According to this discussion thread, There should be kinda problem when Outlook Express has big inbox file size, and then mails may lost. but it should be just “archived” to somewhere else and should have ways to diagnose it. There is a site called OEHelp which got some tools to help solve this problems (not all free) and may worth a try. Possible reasons of missing mails are described here.

Well, as a personal opnion, I do think making folders to classified mails and move out from inbox will be a good practice of mail management, no matter what offline mail client one used. Although, now most of offline search tools (MSN Toolbar / Google Desktop) offer convenient ways to fast find mails for you, it’s still good habit of keeping things organized by oneself so that one may not accidentally running into unknown chaos!

and the MOST important, make and do RUN YOUR OWN BACKUP PLAN!!! it’s all just about backup!!!

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What happened about 04/18 Newsgator outage…


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As I noticed about the Newsgator outage yesterday, got Ronnie Gilberson‘s comment in response of the reasons today. thanks for the notice!

Based on Ronnie’s post , it should be the SQL Server database inconsistency state that cause the database server down and not able to trigger the fail-over system, and would need to close whole system from outside internet traffic of queries to play back the log file to bring the database back. because of the large size of log file, it took a quite while for system to recover.

Although the main reason of the cause was still unclear, at least now people know what’s going on behind the outage, and able to think theirselves that what may need to be done to prevent something like that in their own systems. Still appreciate people in Newsgator to bring the service back. and would like to know the real reasons of cause once you guys in Newsgator find out. thanks!

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Claim your blog that forbidden script tag in your Technorati account…


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Most blog services may forbidden some html tags to use in the content. This may cause problems if one wants to claim a blog to one’s Technorati account.

Generally Technorati requires you to insert a script tag with an auto-generated .js file inside your blog layout to let Technorati recognizes that this is actually your blog and permits the claim. but in some blog services like MSN Spaces or Yahoo! 360, which may not allow modifying the layout or have <script> tag. There is another way to do the claim.

I remembered in the past time Technorati did offer the way for people to claim their blogs without script tag support, but now Technorati seems not offer it anymore. The Technorati FAQ did specify that there should be an http link showed up in the setup page for people to put in a url link tag in their blog to be as a claim of the blog. but now the claim blog setup page didn’t have that http link anymore.

Although the http link disappeared in claim blog setup page, and only the script tag string appeared, it’s still able to make the http url yourself. just get the filename of the .js file and form the following url link:[the_js_filename]

then put the link in somewhere of your claiming blog as a link entry. Technorati will still claim this blog into your account.

I’ve done that with my MSMVP blog as well as MSN Space blog already.

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Newsgator was down! more than 4 hours!!


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right after I said that the service is good! pretty ironic… Orz

since this afternoon FeedDemon kept telling me that it could not sync to Newsgator. I was originally thought that maybe the ISP at Taiwan got problems since there was not any post at Technorati saying about this. but a tracert showed that the path and connection to the server is ok. 4 hours later, the website was still down and there are starting to have some posts showed at Technorati.

Newsgator didn’t have any notice about the down time and maintenance. therefore basically the paid users were not aware of the down time at all. that should not be a good way for a paid service.

anyway. please bring back the service ASAP!

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FeedDemon 2.0 is really cool…


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Well, I have to say… FeedDemon 2.0 ROCKS!!!

FeedDemon 2 ROCKS!!!

I used to have Newsgator for Outlook to store my RSS feeds content to read offline. as my Outlook getting bigger and bigger that full of .pst files open simultaneously for different purposes (personal archive pst, all the contacts pst, work pst, etc), it become another heavy load for outlook to manage Newsgator feeds pst file, since I got 170 feeds now and the sync become quite slow in Outlook.

FeedDemon 2.0 released couple weeks ago, I installed it and because I am a paid subscriber to Newsgator, I am auto a licensed user to FeedDemon 2.0 . I have to say that it’s fast and easy to use. and it did catch users’ behaviors while reading RSS feeds. Some of the goodies I feel as follows:

  • The Sync of feeds are fast!
  • Newspaper view is natural
  • Tabbed IE browsers to fast going to the web of certain feed.
  • News item view is just like Newsgator for Outlook and easy to adapt
  • Watch Items to filter all the RSS feeds by self-defined keywords – this one is great!!
  • News Bin to track interesting posts in one place.
  • Fast news item filter to filter in real-time without delay – this one is great too!
  • More surprises to be found later…

Well, it will be my another must-have-app in a daily basis. Also thanks to Newsgator Online to store and manage all my feeds in one place that can sync everywhere. I paid for it and I am really satified with its services!

[Updated 2006/04/19]

[via KBCafe] here is a review from about FeedDemon 2.0

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What’s new in C# 2.0…


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Go to the foundation if you want to master something!

As I am digging into ASP.NET 2.0 stuffs, and using C# as my primary language, I found that it should be necessary to take a look of those new features provided by the language (eg, partial class, etc) before I dig more into the application side of programming. One should know exactly how many gadgets he can use before starting to build a masterpiece.

A search to Google can find many resource about this. Microsoft C# language site provided many good resources to dig into. The C# 2.0 Language Specifications Draft provides new feature detail explainations through out the document, including the follows:

the 100+ pages draft has a detail explaination of those new features provided by C# 2.0 language. take a look if you want to know more about the language itself.

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