FeedDemon 2.0 is really cool…


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Well, I have to say… FeedDemon 2.0 ROCKS!!!

FeedDemon 2 ROCKS!!!

I used to have Newsgator for Outlook to store my RSS feeds content to read offline. as my Outlook getting bigger and bigger that full of .pst files open simultaneously for different purposes (personal archive pst, all the contacts pst, work pst, etc), it become another heavy load for outlook to manage Newsgator feeds pst file, since I got 170 feeds now and the sync become quite slow in Outlook.

FeedDemon 2.0 released couple weeks ago, I installed it and because I am a paid subscriber to Newsgator, I am auto a licensed user to FeedDemon 2.0 . I have to say that it’s fast and easy to use. and it did catch users’ behaviors while reading RSS feeds. Some of the goodies I feel as follows:

  • The Sync of feeds are fast!
  • Newspaper view is natural
  • Tabbed IE browsers to fast going to the web of certain feed.
  • News item view is just like Newsgator for Outlook and easy to adapt
  • Watch Items to filter all the RSS feeds by self-defined keywords – this one is great!!
  • News Bin to track interesting posts in one place.
  • Fast news item filter to filter in real-time without delay – this one is great too!
  • More surprises to be found later…

Well, it will be my another must-have-app in a daily basis. Also thanks to Newsgator Online to store and manage all my feeds in one place that can sync everywhere. I paid for it and I am really satified with its services!

[Updated 2006/04/19]

[via KBCafe] here is a review from PCMag.com about FeedDemon 2.0

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