Mail Disappeared!! Outlook Express File Size Limit??


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Ok, one of my friends sent me a mail asking that her colleague using Outlook Express and seems the inbox is too big and this colleague just lost his mails. According to my friend’s mail, Corp MIS guy said that this is “due to” Outlook Express limitation of inbox file (.mbx file) size and if the inbox’s file size exceeds certain size (say, 2GB for example) , Outlook Express will “automatically” delete ones mails in inbox folder, “without notice”, which, according to my friend’s description on the mail she sent to me.

Did a search via Google, seems seldom people have this problem, but still found something about this here.

According to this discussion thread, There should be kinda problem when Outlook Express has big inbox file size, and then mails may lost. but it should be just “archived” to somewhere else and should have ways to diagnose it. There is a site called OEHelp which got some tools to help solve this problems (not all free) and may worth a try. Possible reasons of missing mails are described here.

Well, as a personal opnion, I do think making folders to classified mails and move out from inbox will be a good practice of mail management, no matter what offline mail client one used. Although, now most of offline search tools (MSN Toolbar / Google Desktop) offer convenient ways to fast find mails for you, it’s still good habit of keeping things organized by oneself so that one may not accidentally running into unknown chaos!

and the MOST important, make and do RUN YOUR OWN BACKUP PLAN!!! it’s all just about backup!!!

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