Remix UK 08 Keynote

Just seen the keynote for Remix in Brighton, I must say that Bill Buxton's part was one of the best keynotes I have seen (watch out for the streamed webcast). For me the most important thing for a keynote is to set the tone, the meme, for the conference and his session certainly did. OK it is good to see the demos of products but you can't beat a good bit of thought provoking public speaking. First time I have seen this done well by Microsoft since the last PDC a couple of years ago. Interestingly, setting the tone was something always done very well at the Sun JavaOne conferences I attended in the late 90s.

Bill's concept of strength through bring together excellent people with different skills, but with a common understanding and language, to make strong teams was also a common theme from and the post bar drinks from last nights VBug meeting. If the whole team does not buy into a concept whether it be excellence in design or TDD then delivering high quality product is down to luck.

I think I will be doing to Bill's other sessions.