Live Writer crashing when adding hyperlinks

For a while I have had a problem that when I tried to add a hyperlink via the toolbar in Live Writer I get a dialog that Live Writer has stopped working, it doesn’t exit, it just des not open the modal window for adding a hyperlink. It was irritating, but as I could edit the HTML source and put in the link by hand I could not be bothered to work out how to fix it.

Well today I wanted to add a new pluggin to Live Writer and it seem the options dialog suffers the same problem, so I had to fix it. I searched with Microsoft Live Search and it found nothing, so I tried with Google and found the solution on Tom Soisoonthorn’s blog , it is missing text in linkglossary.xml file.

Beyond the fact that this fixed my problems, it is interesting to note this is the first time a good few months where I have not found what I wanted via Live Search – it is much improved, but Google still seems to get just that bit more.