Post Developer Day South West thoughts

DD-SW in Taunton seems to go well, a big thank you to Guy and the rest of the Bristol .NET user group for all their work getting this event up and running. Also it was nice to see new faces, it is certainly a good idea to get the DDD family events out to places beyond Reading, spreading the good works of the community across the country.

Thank you to those who attended my session on Scrum, I hope you all found it useful. You can find a virtually identical set the slides on the Black Marble web site and the actual stack I used will be up on the DD-SW site soon.

I actually managed to attend some sessions this time, as usual this just means more work as I invariably realise I have to spend some time on learning some new technologies This time it was MEF and jQuery, the latter  technology I have ignored too long. It was also great to see a truly mind bending session by on Expression trees, we need to see more of these deep dive sessions a community events. I have never checked to see if is it that they are not proposed or that they are not voted for? Can it be true the community just wants level 200 general overviews?

Anyway another great day – a pointer to everyone that if you haven’t been to DDD event you really should.