Remember the new URL format for the TFS2010 web services have changed

To have a good look at TFS2010 I have migrated some existing VS2008 projects to VS2010. This has meant they are now being built using a new TFS 2010 build server. Now I wanted to make sure everyone still knew what was building and what was not, so I updated the configuration on our build wallboard to get the status from both the older 2008 and the new 2010 server – and it did not work. I fiddled around, upgraded the build wallboard to use the TFS2010 assemblies, all to no avail, the application just exited when I tried to get a reference to the build service.

Then I had another think, the Url of the TFS server has changed format in 2010. It used to be http://my2008server:8080 it is now http://my2010server:8080/tfs. I had been leaving off the trailing /tfs, an easy mistake to make. Once this was corrected my old build wallboard worked without a problem, there was no need to use the TFS2010 assemblies in the project.