Video recording gotta for VS2010 Test Runner

VS2010 has excellent new features to assist the tester in general, and specifically in the area of manual testing. One of these is the ability to video a manual test run; to get this to work you have to have the Windows Media Encoder 9 installed as well as the VS2010 Test Runner . If you don’t have it installed and try to use the video feature you get a dialog that warns you this component is missing and would you like to either download it or disable video recording feature for this test run.

The problem is the warning dialog has a link that takes to you the Windows Media Encoder 9 homepage. This gives you the option to install either the 32bit or 64bit version. I mistakenly assumed that I needed the version for operating system I have i.e. 64bit as I run 64bit Windows 7. THIS IS WRONG.

VS2010 Test Runner only seems to work if you have to install the 32bit and the hotfix the Test Runner dialog mentions. Once I installed the 32bit video recording of the test worked perfectly.