Got around to updating my Nokia 820 to WP81 Update 1

I had been suffering with the 0x80188308 error when I tried to update my Nokia 820 to the WP81 Update 1 because I had the developer preview installed. I had been putting off what appeared to be the only solution of doing a reset as discussed in the forums as it seem a bit drastic, thought I would wait for Microsoft to sort out the process. I got bored waiting..

Turns out as long as you do the backup first it is fairly painless, took about an hour of uploads and downloads over WiFi

  1. Created a manual backup of the phone: Settings>backup>apps+settings>backup now.
  2. Reset the phone to factory settings (DP 8.1), leaving any SD card alone: Settings>about>reset your phone.
  3. When prompted logged in with the same ID as used for the backup
  4. Restored the phone using the backup just created.  
  5. Reconnected to all of the other accounts and let the phone download all of the apps.
  6. Signed back into the Preview for Developers app – else you won’t see the updates!
  7. The updates comes down without a problem as one large package

Lets have a go with a UK aware version of Cortana….

Source: Rfennell