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Free events in the coming week

I know of two free events next week in Yorkshire next week for those interested :

On Wednesday the 11th is the regular meeting of the Agile Yorkshire user group, where we will be enjoying a presentation on Test Driven Development by user group regulars Adam and Neil from Masternaut ThreeX. This will start at 7pm as normal, but some of us are planning to arrive about 6:30 to discuss some administrative issue of the user group. So if you are interested just turn up at the Victoria Hotel.

On Friday the 13th we at Black Marble are hosting a Microsoft Azure Technical briefing where Dave Gristwood and other member of the DPE team will be covering how this new technology can be used in your ongoing IT strategy. For this event you need to book in advance, so check the DPE blog for details

XP Club January 2009 Meeting

The XP Club did not manage to book the usual venue, the Victoria Hotel Pub in Leeds, for this months meeting as it was already booked. So for one month only, on the 14th of January, will be next door to Victoria Hotel Pub at the O'Neils from 7pm.

Also, it has been decided there will be no technical presentation this month, we will meet to discuss the issues and politics around the club, including club's constitution, bank accounts, rough strategy for the future and so on. You are all welcome to come along and help to shape the future of the club, help with some duties or just come to meet-up with fellow geeks.

As of February we will be back at the Victoria Hotel Pub.

Strange guide to Ruby

At the XP Club last night I was pointed at a web site that contains a very strange guide to Ruby ”Why’s (poignant) guide to Ruby”. This is one of strangest language books I have read in a while, probably since “Mr Bunny’s Guide to Active X”, which was described in its own blurb…

“This is the first technology book by Carlton Egremont III, author of numerous lengthy grocery lists (unpublished), one or two letters to his mom (unsent), and a doodle on page 117 of the Rochester Public Library's copy of Moby *** (overdue). Mr. Bunny's Guide to ActiveX makes a lovely gift for the nerd who has everything, and is perfect for propping up uneven table legs. For the high-tech parent there is simply no better antidote to yet another bedtime reading of "The Velveteen Rabbit" or the "OLE 2 Programmer's Reference". Just like Carlton, you and your children will come to believe in a talking bunny, a befuddled farmer, and a technology called ActiveX. “

The strangest thing about these books is they are both a really good introduction to their subjects. As we have seen with the Head First series of books, training material can come in many forms, because people learn in many ways.

XPClub meeting on 12th November

Next weeks meeting is at the Victoria Hotel in Leeds as usual at 7pm. It is going to be group discussion sort of session, the subjects being:

Daniel Drozdzewski is going to present the future of the computing (based on the article read in recent New Scientist about processors built on logic gates utilising the chaos phenomenon)


moderated conversation about design in software projects

plus the usual gossip from the industry.

Hope to see you there, remember the event is free and so it at least the first beer.

NB. Remember next months meeting on the 10th of December is Gary Short’s excellent session on Patterns in software development

Upcoming events in October

It is getting to that conference time of year again; I can’t believe the PDC is only 3 weeks away, then VBug  the next week and DDD7 just after that.

A bit closer to home there are some free events coming up this month:

Look forward to seeing you at one of the events in Yorkshire

A bit further from home, Guy has had a bit of a coup at the Bristol .Net Usergroup. He has got Oren Eini the developer of RhinoMocks speaking on the 13th of October during a rare UK visit. For those of you who the name Oren is not familiar, he is the man behind blog a major resource for all things Agile.