PDC2008 from friday til monday 27 :D

Here I am. at last I can attend to my first PDC. I’m in L.A. since friday night and it’s been only action here… Tim huckaby’s party was so cool, met with almost all the attending RD fellows… A little bit far from LA (Carlsbad, CA) but really worth it!!. To finish the night, my friends Reymarx and Christian took me into a very nice electronic party, wich included “Sasha”, one of the most relevant D.J. today.. Yesterday we had our RD private side meeting, covering many important issues, currently under NDA but let me tell you that there are many new amazing things coming from Microsoft in different areas. I’m just waitting the related official announcements..

Last night the party was @ Figeroa hotel, a very nice morrocan style hotel, we enjoyed a nice meal and a Very nice belly dancing performed by two lovely ladies :D.

Right now @ PDC keynote we’ve just received the official name of the new family of Windows Cloud Services: Windows Azure, providing the foundation infrastructure and services for SAS and S+S apps. This PDC looks very interesting and exciting.


Ricardo Gonzalez Vargas

Senior Software Development Consultant

Microsoft Regional Director

Microsoft Most Valuable Professional

BLOG: http://www.msmvps.com/rgonzalez




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