You don’t half get strange errors when two servers have the same SID

You don’t half get strange errors when building a test environment if when you run SYSPREP’d each copy of your VM base image you forget to check the ‘generalize’ box


If you forget this, as I did, each VM has a different name but the same SID. Basically the domain/AD is completely confused as who is what. The commonest error I saw was that I could not setup application (Report Services, SP 2010 and TFS 2012) with domain service accounts. I all cases I got messages about missing rights or cannot communicate with domain controller.

The fix was to basically start again. I re-SDYSPREP’d one of the pair of boxes I had to it reset it’s SID, I stripped off what I was trying to install, re added it to the domain and installed applications again. Once this was done all was fine.

For more on SID and SYSPREP see Mark Russinovick’s blog

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