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Where did my custom Word templates go in 2013?

I installed Office 2013 customer preview yesterday and all seemed good. Today I needed to create a new document using one of our company standard templates. I opened Word, went to the new document section and was presented with a list of great looking templates, but not my custom ones. The page suggested I used search to find more templates, it did find more templates from the Internet, but did not find my locally stored ones.

Turns out the issue is that the path to my custom templates had been removed as part of the upgrade (from memory in previous versions of Word this path was always default to your local {USER}AppData\roaming\microsoft\template you did not usually need to set it).

So I opened the options, added the path to my existing templates folder


Restarted Word and tried to create a new document and this time a got a personal tab on the new document page


When I clicked this I got my list of templates, I really must get round to resaving them with previews so they look better in the list


_atomic_fetch_sub_4 error running VS2012RC after Office 2013 Customer Preview is installed

When I installed Office 2013 customer preview all seemed good, loads of new metro look Office features. However when I tried to load my previously working Visual Studio 2012RC I got the error

“The procedure entry point _atomic_fetch_sub_4 could not be located in the dynamic link library devenv.exe”.



This is a known issues with the C++ runtime and a patch was release last week, install this and all should be OK