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PowerShell Summit NA 2015

We’re into the last afternoon as I write this. We’ve had some amazing sessions with excellent presentations on DSC, security aspects of using PowerShell, using and manipulating data with PowerShell, PowerShellGet, Nano server, working with ACLs in PowerShell and PowerShell help.


This has been out third Summit and North America and probably the best. We’ve had a great audience and are planning hard for next year

PowerShell Summit NA 2015–announcements

The PowerShell Team announced some things on Monday

OneGet is now PowerShell Package Maanger


Next WMF 5.0 preview will become available on 30 April


Pester – the testing module – will be included in Windows


Open Source projects on Github:

DSC Resource Kit

PowerShell Script Analayzer

Virtual Studio PowerShell Plug-in

PowerShell Summit NA 2015–recordings

The recordings from PowerShell Summit NA 2015 are starting to become available on the you tube channel.

This gives you an opportunity to watch the sessions you missed.

If you didn’t attend the Summit it gives you the opportunity to see what the Summit is like and why you should be there

PowerShell Summit NA 2015–Day 1

The third PowerShell Summit kicked off Monday 20 April with breakfast and a welcome from Don Jones and the board.


The PowerShell Summit is the premier PowerShell event in the world with 3 days of  in depth PowerShell sessions delivered by the PowerShell Team, PowerShell MVPs and other acknowledged  PowerShell experts.


The attendees are extremely knowledgeable asking probing questions to keep the speakers on their toes.


DSC is a major theme with the opening sessions covering this topic -  Don Jones on resource design and Jason Helmick on using DSC to deploy IIS and PWA.

Other sessions included using DSC with Active Directory, and PowerShell for the reluctant DBA.


More esoteric topics included a look at PowerShell and Odata & Monitoring with PowerShell.


The day closed with the 140 attendees listening to Jeffrey Snover discussing the State of PowerShell – where its come from and where its going

PowerShell Summit NA 2015 speakers

Want to learn a bit more about some of the speakers at the PowerShell Summit?  Head over to the Scripting Guy blog - – to see a series of posts giving you some background, and pictures, of a number of speakers.

Query vs Filter

I’ve tended to advocate using the –Filter parameter rather than the –Query parameter with the CIM (and WMI) cmdlets but a recent post on the Windows Management Infrastructure blog has me questioning that decision.


Using Measure-Command I tried various pairs of commands – such as:


Measure-Command {Get-CimInstance -ClassName Win32_Directory -Filter "Name = 'C:\\Test2'"}


Measure-Command {Get-CimInstance -Query "SELECT * FROM Win32_Directory WHERE Name = 'C:\\Test2'"}


The results weren’t conclusive but it seems that at worst there is no significant difference between the approaches and at best using a query is significantly faster. 


At the moment my best advice would be use the –Filter parameter if you want to reduce typing but try –Query if speed becomes your main issue.

MVP renewal

April 1st comes round again and its time for the MVP renewals. I received my renewal email this afternoon – I feel highly honoured that Microsoft have bestowed an MVP award for 8 straight years.


Thank you

PowerShell Europe 2015 Agenda

As has been announced registration for the PowerShell Summit Europe 2015 opens on 27 February 2015.


Other details on the Summit can be found here:


The agenda for the Summit can be found on the event site for the Summit

Change to DSC Resource Kit release strategy

The PowerShell team blog details the new resources and bug fixes in wave 10 of the DSC resource kit. This is a much smaller release than the of late but includes new resources for initializing and formatting disks




One point in the “small print” is important to note. This is the last release of these resource as a big zip file for download from the TechNet script gallery. In future these resources will only be available through the PowerShell gallery. Use Find-DscResource to discover the resources available in the gallery and Update-Module & Install-module to get the modules containing resources from the gallery.

DSC Resource Kit Wave 10

The next release (wave 10) of the Desired State Resource Kit is available. You can download the whole of the resource kit from

This version includes the IIS resources that were missing in wave 9