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PowerShell Pocket Reference

In!43CFA46A74CF3E96!1010.entry I reviewed  lee Holmes' Windows PowerShell Cookbook. It is an excellent book that should be on every PowerShell users desk (I don't want to go round that loop again :-)).

O'Reilly have now released a Windows PowerShell Pocket Reference also by Lee Holmes. As it says on the back it is excerpted from the full length cookbook. The Pocket Reference contains:

1. Powershell Tour

2.PowerShell Language

3. Regular Expressions

4. Automatic Variables

5. Standard verbs

6. Selected .NET classes

7. WMI reference (selected classes)

8. Selected COM objects

9. .NET string formatting

10. .NET date & time formatting

Chapter 1 is in effect the first chapter of the cook book and the rest is the appendices from the cook book. My comments on the worth of the appendices to the cook book still stand.  As presented here chapters 3, 9 and 10 are more than worth the price of the pocket reference.

So as it is excerpted from the cookbook is the pocket reference worth having.  Yes.

It is a much smaller book so is easily portable. It will take up permanent residence in my laptop bag. It can also sit on the desk & takes a lot less space than the cookbook. I find myself using the cookbook appendices more than the recipes especially for regular expressions - I still hate them but that is another story.

While not presenting anything new it is more convenient. I would recommend it especially for experienced PowerShell users who just need the reference material.


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