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W2KSG: Asynchronous log access

Script Center Home > Microsoft Windows 2000 Scripting Guide > Scripting Solutions for System Administration > Logs > Managing Logs > Querying Event Logs Asynchronously Retrieving Event Log Statistics

Listing 12.11contains a script to asynchronously access the event logs. Rather than follow the WMI methods we can use the background jobs functionality in PowerShell version 2

Start-PSJob -Name job1 -Command "Get-EventLog -LogName application"


Receive-PSJob -Name job1 -Keep

Get-PSJob -Name job1 | Remove-PSJob

We create the job using Start-PSJob.  Give it a name and the command we want to run.  Get-PSJob can be used to view the status of jobs.  Check the state for completed jobs.

Receive-PSJob pulls the data out of the job. Using the -keep parameter leaves the data available to be accessed again otherwise it is removed.

The job can be removed using Remove-PSJob as shown. 


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