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UG Meeting Last Call

The November meeting of the User Group will be on Thursday 20th November. 

If you haven't already  done so can you please let me know if you will be attending by Tuesday lunch time

Time: 6.30 - 9.30

Location: Memphis room, Building 3, Microsoft campus, Thames Valley Park, Reading


Powershell Introduction: Objects and get-member

PowerGUI SQL Server Reporting Services powerpack

PowerShell in SQL Server 2008

The usual refreshments break will occur

The PowerShell Introduction is a new feature for meetings where we will explain a particular feature of PowerShell that has caused someone a problem or maybe a slightly more difficult concept.

We will also look at particular commands\cmdlets and talk them through.

Do you have a question about a particular area of PowerShell?   Bring it along to the meeting or email me and will include it


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