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PowerShell certifications

One of the questions that came up on the PowerShell panel discussion at TechEd was should there be a certification in PowerShell. The general consensus of the panel was that no there shouldn't be a specific PowerShell certification. I agreed with that consensus at the time and still do. The more I have thought about it the more convinced I am that there shouldn't be a general certification in PowerShell.

My reasoning is simple.  PowerShell itself is not important. Bet you didn't expect to see that 🙂

PowerShell is a tool for administering Windows based systems. Yes its brilliant. Yes it is the most powerful way to administer your systems both local and remote and Yes it is the future of Windows administration. So why do I say its not important?

PowerShell is a means to an end. The end is administering your systems.  PowerShell can do it faster and easier but it is the systems that are being administered that are important. The systems that support the business applications that bring revenue in your companies. Keeping those systems running is why we are in business as administrators and that is what we should be certified on.

PowerShell is the greatest thing to hit IT since 1s and 0s but I still don't think there should be a separate certification in it.  Look at the programming languages - the certs aren't in the languages they are in building web or windows based applications.

Learn PowerShell - you won't be able to be a top level Windows admin without in a few years time! Use PowerShell to administer your systems. Expect to see PowerShell come up in exam questions but don't shout for a PowerShell cert.


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