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For last nights meeting I was asked if we could cover objects in PowerShell and using Get-Member. This we did and it sparked the usual conversations.

We have decided that a part of each meeting will cover an introductory PowerShell topic as a help to newcomers to PowerShell and a reminder for the more experienced.

In January we will cover error handling and in March we will look at Regular Expressions.

Also coming up in March is a session on using PowerShell with WSUS and a session on using the VMWare PowerShell toolkit.

As for January which is our second anniversary meeting - that hasn't been finalised yet.  Watch this space.

It does seem amazing that its two years since:

  • PowerShell version 1 shipped
  • the UK user group was formed
  • I got involved in all this

Time really does fly when you are enjoying yourself.

If there is a topic you would like to see covered either as a session at a meeting or by a webcast let me know.


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