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PowerShell User Group – today

Very odd evening for me.  There was a meeting of the UG that I’d organised but I couldn’t be there. I managed to connect via the Live Meeting but it felt really odd not being there.

Really big thank you to the speakers.  Jeffrey Snover gave an excellent overview of PowerShell v2 and some hints of where PowerShell is going. We will post the recording in the near future for those who couldn’t make the meeting.  Jeremy gave an excellent overview of error handling in PowerShell.  This will be on the recording as well. You need to look at this.  Error handling is not well understood and Jeremy gave an excellent run down of your options and what they mean.

Thanks to James, Stephen and everyone who covered for me at the meeting. I will be at the one in February.  A special thanks to everyone who turned up or joined the Live Meeting.

BTW – I’m not practicing an oscar acceptance speech  🙂


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