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WMI Methods and Properties

Its odd how we discover things.  I need to check the WMI classes for network adapters so used

Get-WmiObject -List -Class *network*

I intended to check out the data returned so used

Get-WmiObject -List -Class win32_networkadapterconfiguration

Notice I’ve left the –List parameter in the command by mistake.  This produces

Name                                Methods              Properties
----                                -------              ----------
Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration   {EnableDHCP, Rene... {ArpAlwaysSourceRoute, ArpUseEtherSNAP,…

Oh.  A quick way to see the methods and properties

(Get-WmiObject -List -Class win32_networkadapterconfiguration).Methods | Format-Table  Name, Qualifiers -AutoSize

(Get-WmiObject -List -Class win32_networkadapterconfiguration).Properties | Format-Table  Name, Type, Qualifiers  -AutoSize


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