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Modules in Windows 2008 R2

One thing I have noticed with my quick dip into Windows 2008 R2 is that the extra functionality is all loaded as modules.  This is a new area in PowerShell v2 that enables you to load\unload functionality from your PowerShell sessions.  Modules can be "libraries" of functions as I showed in a recent set of posts or they can be compiled dlls with cmdlets.  The good thing about compiled modules is that you don't have to register them in the same way you do snapins.  Much easier to work with. I would expect snapins to disappear in (much) future version of PowerShell (!!!! My opinion only !!!!) as modules do the same role role and more.
There are a number of default modules that are available when you first install R2 including:
  •  File Transfer
  • PSdiagnostics
  • TroubleShootingPack
  • AD Rights Management

As you add functionality - such as running dcpromo other modules are installed.  You only get the PowerShell modules for the functionality you install.  It appears, at least in the beta, that even though Windows 2008 R2 is 64 bit - most of the PowerShell functionality is 32bit.  Compare the modules folder in the two PowerShell install directories.


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