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Exchange 2010

Exchange 2007 has been a poster child for PowerShell.  The GUI is layered over PowerShell cmdlets and everything can be performed at the PowerShell prompt.  There are some activities that can only be performed at using PowerShell.

The Exchange 2010 beta became available this week.  It has lots of good stuff for Exchange people but the important news is that the use of PowerShell remains – in fact it gets better.

Exchange 2010 beta requires PowerShell v2 CTP3.  This gives us access to the remoting and asynchronous processing capabilities – think mailbox provisioning as a background task. 

Put Exchange PowerShell together with the PowerShell functionality in Windows 2008 R2 and we really will be into a PowerShell world.

I will be posting some examples of the two together as soon as my virtual machine finishes building – its a sloooooooow process.

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