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PowerShell Modules and Exchange 2010 prerequisites

PowerShell v2 introduces the concept of modules – these can be scripts or dlls (think snapin from V1).  The modules that are loaded into PowerShell can be viewed by using get-modules.  When you install roles\functions onto Windows 2008 R2 the PowerShell functionality is delivered as modules.  Use

Get-Module -ListAvailable | Select Name

To see the available modules.  Most modules appear to be 32bit only – at least in the beta

Exchange 2010 delivers functionality as snapins

PS C:\Scripts> Get-PSSnapin -Registered

Name        : Microsoft.Exchange.Management.PowerShell.E2010
PSVersion   : 1.0
Description : Admin Tasks for the Exchange Server

Name        : Microsoft.Exchange.Management.PowerShell.Setup
PSVersion   : 1.0
Description : Setup Tasks for the Exchange Server

Name        : Microsoft.Exchange.Management.Powershell.Support
PSVersion   : 1.0
Description : Support Tasks for the Exchange Server

One of the modules is for Server Manager

Import-Module ServerManager

Expect to see error messages about loading extended type data if you have other modules already loaded.  As long as the message ends with  File skipped because it was already present from "Microsoft.PowerShell".    then we are good to go.

Server Manager gives us three cmdlets

Get-Command -Module ServerManager


Get-Windowsfeature will display all of the features with an indication of which are installed. The display name and the name by which we access the feature are displayed

Display Name                                            Name
------------                                            ----
[ ] Active Directory Certificate Services               AD-Certificate
    [ ] Certification Authority                         ADCS-Cert-Authority
    [ ] Certification Authority Web Enrollment          ADCS-Web-Enrollment
    [ ] Online Responder                                ADCS-Online-Cert
    [ ] Network Device Enrollment Service               ADCS-Device-Enrollment
    [ ] Certificate Enrollment Web Service              ADCS-Enroll-Web-Svc
    [ ] Certificate Enrollment Policy Web Service       ADCS-Enroll-Web-Pol
[X] Active Directory Domain Services                    AD-Domain-Services
    [X] Active Directory Domain Controller              ADDS-Domain-Controller
    [ ] Identity Management for UNIX                    ADDS-Identity-Mgmt
        [ ] Server for Network Information Services     ADDS-NIS


Exchange 2010 has a number of prerequisite features that need installing.  Unfortunately the documentation gives them using ServerManagerCmd.  This will never do.  Ok the PowerShell equivalent is

Add-WindowsFeature -Name RSAT-ADDS-Tools, RPC-over-HTTP-proxy, NET-HTTP-Activation, Web-Dyn-Compression, Web-Windows-Auth, Web-Digest-Auth, Web-Basic-Auth, Web-Lgcy-Mgmt-Console, Web-Metabase, Web-ISAPI-Ext, Web-Server -Concurrent

If required the features can be installed individually. The PowerShell remoting features enable us to perform these actions on remote servers as well as the local server. 

The module system in PowerShell v2 makes dynamic configuration of your PowerShell environment much simpler and more flexible

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