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PowerShell for DBAs

Chad has a very interesting post on “The Value Proposition of PowerShell to DBAs” -!EA42395138308430!347.entry where he discusses the results of a poll of DBAs regarding PowerShell.

On initial reading it is a bit depressing for the PowerShell community as only 20% of respondents were using PowerShell. However, it gets a bit more cheerful if you consider that another 40% were planning to – I wonder how that will change as SQL Server 2008, with PowerShell built in, becomes more widespread.

Chad gives a number of benefits of learning PowerShell. I think that one of the most compelling reasons si that it will be a part of all future Microsoft products – look what is happening with Windows 2008 R2 – an provides a common automation platform across your Microsoft estate. PowerShell gives us the possibility of integrated, automated administration across you servers and applications.

Gives us more time for PowerShel space invaders

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