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Windows 7 PowerShell modules

PowerShell in the RC tidies up the display of the available modules and adds another module to the list of default modules.

PS> Get-Module -ListAvailable

ModuleType Name                      ExportedCommands
---------- ----                      ----------------
Manifest   AppLocker                 {}
Manifest   BitsTransfer              {}
Manifest   PSDiagnostics             {}
Manifest   TroubleshootingPack       {}

The last three I’ve blogged about already.  The first one is new.  It brings five cmdlets

PS> Import-Module applocker
PS> Get-Command -Module applocker

CommandType     Name
-----------     ----
Cmdlet          Get-AppLockerFileInformation
Cmdlet          Get-AppLockerPolicy
Cmdlet          New-AppLockerPolicy
Cmdlet          Set-AppLockerPolicy
Cmdlet          Test-AppLockerPolicy

AppLocker restricts the software users can run – software restriction policies that we can control by PowerShell

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