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We’ve looked at test-connection before – the PowerShell ping

"", "" | foreach {Test-Connection -ComputerName $_}

will return the IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and the time taken for the ping among other information

if we want to test a lot of machines – put the addresses (or names) into a csv file


import-csv test.csv | foreach {Test-Connection -ComputerName $}

next step is to output the results.  say we want a list of computers that we can contact

import-csv test.csv | foreach {if (Test-Connection -ComputerName $ -Quiet){Add-Content -value $_.Computer -path computers.txt}}

The –Quiet parameter changes the output so we get a boolean (true or false) – we can ping it or we can’t

This could be changed to a list that didn’t respond by changing the test in the if statement.

If we have a lot of machines to test then we need to make it a job

start-job -Name j1 -ScriptBlock {import-csv c:\scripts\test.csv | foreach {if (Test-Connection -ComputerName $ -Quiet){Add-Content -value $_.Computer -path c:\scripts\computers.txt}}}

Receive-Job won’t return anything for this job as the output is all in the file.  Note that we have to give the full path to the files as the job assumes you are working in your user documents folder

A simple little script to test the machines on the network.  Next we have to consider how we can build up the lit of machines.

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