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Get-PsDrive has been one of those cmdlets that you use without really noticing – when you want to see if a provider is loaded for instance.  In the Windows 7 RC the display has had a makeover.

PS> Get-PSDrive

Name     Used (GB) Free (GB) Provider    Root               CurrentLocation
----     --------- --------- --------    ----               ---------------
Alias                        Alias
C            68.32    103.96 FileSystem  C:\                        scripts
cert                         Certificate \
D             8.82      1.79 FileSystem  D:\
E                            FileSystem  E:\
Env                          Environment
F             1.58       .37 FileSystem  F:\
Function                     Function
G                            FileSystem  G:\
HKCU                         Registry    HKEY_CURRENT_USER
HKLM                         Registry    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
Variable                     Variable
WSMan                        WSMan

Notice the addition of the space that has been used and the free space on the file system drives.  Very useful

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