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Live Search on Windows 7 & IE 8

In this post!43CFA46A74CF3E96!2349 I was complaining that Live Search had stopped working on my Windows 7 build.  I had a Vista machine that I had upgraded and post the upgrade Live Search wouldn’t work.  I’d also noticed that Live Search had stopped working on a Vista machine that had been upgraded to IE8.

I finally got round to trying to sort out the problem.  Going for the easy option first I went into Control Panel – Programs & Features, selected Windows Live Essentials and clicked uninstall\change and then picked the Repair option.

One thing I noticed was that during the repair process the tool bar was fixed as was the Search Enhancement pack.  Also there is a lot of stuff associated with the Live applications.

One reboot later and Live Search is working properly for me on Windows 7 & IE 8.  Next stop the Vista machine. One suggestion is that the upgrade program needs to pick up on the Live Search issue.  I will probably do a complete rebuild when Windows 7 goes to RTM.  Might avoid some of these issues

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