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PowerShell Editing

I have been a fan of the PowerGUI editor since it was first in beta but one thing has been consistently annoying.  I don’t like the way is sets itself as the default editor for PowerShell files and blocks changes to this unless you go into the registry and kill the keys it has set.

Bad PowerGUI!

Let me decide what I want to use to edit a particular file.  There are times when I want or need to use ISE. Don’t get in my way.

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5 Responses to PowerShell Editing

  • Richard,

    File association is optional – this is just one of the features you select when running the setup. Deselect the feature and PowerGUI won’t associate itself with the PS1 file extension.

    With that said, we will have a look for better ways to set association and make it easier to remove it.


  • RichardSiddaway says:

    I don’t remember seeing the option. I’l look closer next time I install

  • Also, I have just spent a few minutes experimenting with file associations and could not find any issues.

    Both on XP and Vista, I could:
    1. Right-click a .PS1 file,
    2. Pick “Open With”,
    3. Click “Choose Program”,
    4. Pick Notepad or PowerShell ISE,
    5. Select the checkbox to make it the default application.

    This worked flawlessly – even changed file icons – and required no registry activity whatsoever.

  • RichardSiddaway says:

    Afraid I’m using Windows 7 and the choice to change the default was grayed out even with elevated privileges.

    Other apps didn’t have this issue

  • frustrated says:

    If your product is good people won’t want to change the association. PowerGui takes forever to load, and I don’t want it to ever open itself unless as a visual studio extension. Now I want to remove the association and it’s not letting me…bad move, PowerGui.

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