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After recently reviewing the book on netbooks I decided to buy one.  I have a couple of uses that immediately came to mind:

  • running my ebook reader software – its a lot easier to hold the netbook and the screen is big enough and clear enough to read with ease
  • acting as my mobile reference – I have a lot of technical reference material that I need to access on a fairly regular basis. This makes it easier especially on customer sites that don’t allow the use of memory sticks
  • its easier for  travelling when all I need is Internet and basic Office products.

I ended up with an HP Mini.  I’ve used HP machines quite a bit over the years and always found them reliable. One slight cause for concern was the 1GB of RAM but Windows 7 Starter edition works very well. The machine is responsive and I especially like the keyboard. The touchpad is another matter but I’ve never really liked them anyway.

I ripped off all the junk that seems to ship with a machine these days, installed office 2010, my reader software and MS Security Essentials and I’m good to go.  Battery life seems really good.

And best of all – it has PowerShell installed already.

More updates after I’ve played with it a bit more.

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