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SC Virtual Machine Manager

Spent the last two evenings trying to install and configure SC VMM.  Total failure.  Kept getting an error about not being able to connect to the agent on the host – this is after the initial failure of trying to install SC VMM on the host.

Nothing worked for me – its odd as we’ve had it working at work.


Not worth anymore effort – I’ll stick with WMI and PowerShell.

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  • Ty_A says:

    I have to wrestle SCVMM at work. It seems like anything would be better. Even not using it at all. Unfortunately we need the Self-Service portal. I’d look for alternatives but I don’t have that level of authority.

    On an unrelated side note, Hyper-v’s support for Linux is abyssmal. That is a non-trivial issue.

    It’s also hilarious to see a template fail to create a VM because the OS was listed as RHEL 5, yet it will create when the template is set to “unknown” for its OS. That’s really convenient for identification purposes.

    Thanks for posting about this so I could gripe about SCVMM. 🙂

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