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The future of Windows administration?

This article

suggests 7 things that Windows admins should be looking at:

  1. IPv6
  2. Investigate the cloud
  3. Review licenses
  4. Leverage virtualisation
  5. Pilot VDI
  6. Learn PowerShell
  7. Learn the new DR options

I thought this was an interesting view of the world so decided to add my comments.

Items 3 and 4 are good. Keeping compliant without overspending benefits your organisation tremendously. Virtualise as much as you can is also a good suggestion.

Number 1 – IPv6 – not convinced that its needed yet. Sure later versions of Windows get cranky if we turn it off but at the moment it looks after it self.  There is a mass of technology that still expects IPv4 make sure you are on top of that before worrying about IPv6

Number 2 – the cloud -  at the moment we are in the over hype phase. The cloud will solve all your problems we are told. Recent outages at Amazon, Google and Microsoft have been down played but they would be disastrous if you relied on those services. The cloud is one option to supply services. It may not be the best for you. Investigate but keep an open mind.

Number 5 – VDI – now this one I totally disagree with. All VDI does is transfer a problem from desktop machines to virtual machines. The problem is machine builds and application compatibility. It also costs a lot in terms of hardware. VDI looks to me like a technology to create more hardware sales as we aren’t buying as many servers because we virtualised.

Number 6 – PowerShell – Should be number 1 on the list. If you haven’t started learning it – Why not?  You will need to understand PowerShell if you want to be successful. There will always be room for point and click junior admins but the interesting stuff will be done by the people who can automate

Number 7 – DR – always a good idea but it goes beyond disk based backup such as DPM.

Having criticised the list what would be me top 7 things:

  1. Ensure license compliance – it costs too much not too
    • control the life cycle of OS and applications
  2. Learn PowerShell
  3. Virtualise
  4. Get your high availability, backup/recovery & DR strategies in place. These three are different!
  5. keep up to date with changes in your major OS and application stacks
  6. Investigate application delivery – application virtualisation, Terminal Services/Citrix/VDI
  7. Investigate the cloud

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