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New MEAP release for PowerShell and WMI

Chapters 10 and 11 have been added to the PowerShell and WMI early access release –

Chapter 10 is about printers and it covers:

  • discovering printer configurations;
  • testing printer status;
  • discovering and comparing printer drivers;
  • managing printers;
  • administering print jobs; and
  • testing printers.

Chapter 11 dives into the details of networking:

  • discovering network adapters and their configuration;
  • discovering active protocols;
  • configuring static IP addresses and other TCP/IP settings;
  • enabling DHCP on the adapter;
  • managing DNS and WINS settings in the TCP/IP properties; and
  • displaying the IPv4 routing table.

The code for these and all earlier chapters is available for download.
What's Next?
In Chapter 12, we will look at managing IIS.

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