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OneNote PowerShell provider

One sad casualty of my move to Windows 7 and Office 2010 is the OneNote PowerShell provider.

It doesn’t work vey well in this scenario. It will read oneNote pages but it doesn’t want to create, modify pages or content.

Shame but this is one piece of functionality I will have to drop

If anyone comes across an update to the provider or an alternative I appreciate a comment being left.

The OneNote API is not pretty as it means working directly with XML – yuck.

2 Responses to OneNote PowerShell provider

  • Andy Phillips says:

    You CAN add data to onenote 2010 on Windows 7 – just choose an existing notebook in 2007 format (this is an option). Once you do that, it (sort of) works. as long as you write to pages/sections that already exist. I’ve been unable to create named pages – they just default to ‘Untitiled’.

  • RichardSiddaway says:

    I agree – there are bits and pieces of the provider that do work but overall it needs to be re-written for Office 2010 which I see no sign of happening

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