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Logging options

With 24 logging options to choose from its difficult to keep track of them. We already have the data in a ash table so lets just display it

function get-logsettingoptions{             
 1..$logtype.Count |            
 foreach {            
Displays logging options

Displays logging options



A simple loop through the hash table and we get this display

1 Knowledge Consistency Checker

2 Security Events

3 ExDS Interface Events

4 MAPI Interface Events

5 Replication Events

6 Garbage Collection

7 Internal Configuration

8 Directory Access

9 Internal Processing

10 Performance Counters

11 Initialization/Termination

12 Service Control

13 Name Resolution

14 Backup

15 Field Engineering

16 LDAP Interface Events

17 Setup

18 Global Catalog

19 Inter-site Messaging

20 Group Caching

21 Linked-Value Replication

22 DS RPC Client

23 DS RPC Server

24 DS Schema

We can filter down the results using where-object or just copy the names to use when we set the logging options

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