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Fixing the secure channel

If you suspect there may be a problem with the secure channel try this

PS> Test-ComputerSecureChannel -Repair -Verbose
VERBOSE: Performing operation "Test-ComputerSecureChannel" on Target "Win7Test".
VERBOSE: The secure channel between the local machine and the domain was successfully repaired.

The other thing you may want to try is resetting the password

PS> Reset-ComputerMachinePassword
PS> Reset-ComputerMachinePassword -Verbose
VERBOSE: Performing operation "Reset-ComputerMachinePassword" on Target "Win7Test".

use –verbose otherwise you won’t get any feedback as to progress

One Response to Fixing the secure channel

  • Having migrated from Win XP to Windows 7, circa 2012-06-05, I haven’t the experience in advanced administration under this new environment. Having executed commands in both CMD.EXE and POWERSHELL, due to the elevated restrictions– as I’ve attributed my failure thus far– I’ve only just begun what I fear shall be an up-hill battle.

    The system exhibits abnormal behaviour, such as START MENU > Control Panel [ EMPTY ], and “Run As Administrator” errs with a dialogue stating: “Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item.”, a dialogue which has also appeared on attempted instantiation of executable, without attempt at elevated permissions.

    Trying the RUNAS option from CMD.EXE, as to launch POWERSHELL– presuming perhaps I might launch desired administrative binaries via some “workaround” method as such, when prompted for the password; when my passphrase fails, by now I’m uncertain if I’m entering an incorrect credentials, or the system is malfunctioning in response to the accurate credentials.

    From this point, I’ve reasoned, perhaps I might try to reset the Administrator P/W, hence my arrival at this weblog node. Just as the official Powershell documentation, as seems copied– verbatim– here, I’m cautious to proceed, uncertain what is the difference between the notion of resetting the “Reset-ComputerMachinePassword”, vs– for example– “reset administrator password”, yet likewise, I’m also uncertain if such a “cmdlet”, or CMD.EXE operation does exist. (i.e to reset an administrator password, from the cmdline, seems perhaps a rather insecure means for managing elevated permissions, should unauthorized user gain terminal access, as might wish to engage malicious activity.)

    This nomenclature of “Computer Secure Channel”, and “Computer Machine Password” seems to me unlike that of what we legacy system administrators have become accustomed to. For all of my experience, it’s quite frustrating to feel so “lost”.

    If you are able to provide something, I assure you, the advisory will be much appreciated, as I’ll certainly be thankful for any assistance.

    Best regards,
    Author: NoviceNotes™ | NoviceNotes.Net
    Instructor: ChordsAndScales.Info

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