TCP/IP Alternative Configuration: pt II Set DHCP

The next step on our journey to an alternative configuration is setting the NIC to use DHCP

I will keep cheating for now and specify the NIC – on my machine I now it is the NIC whose Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration has an Index of 7

$index = 7            
Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration `
-Filter "Index=$index" |            
Invoke-WmiMethod -Name EnableDHCP

This sets the IP address to be obtained automatically via DHCP BUT it doesn’t set the DNS server to be delivered via DHCP. The old static DNS entries are retained.

To resolve this we use the SetDNSServerSearchOrder method without any arguments

$index = 7            
$nic = Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration `
-Filter "Index=$index"             
Invoke-WmiMethod -InputObject $nic -Name EnableDHCP            
Invoke-WmiMethod -InputObject $nic -Name SetDNSServerSearchOrder            

I’ve modified the script slightly so we create an object for the WMI class and then use that object as the InputObject on two calls to Invoke-WmiMethod

We could have just as easily used



Now that we have the NIC set to use DHCP we need to configure the Alternative Configuration

More information on working with network adapters can be found in PowerShell and

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