UK PowerShell Group sessions for 2013

This is the list of proposed sessions for 2013. It is subject to change depending on circumstances.

All sessions are delivered by Live Meeting on Tuesdays at 7:30 UK time

29 January - PowerShell and Active Directory
26 February - PowerShell Advanced Functions
26 March - PowerShell cmdlets for Hyper-V
30 April - Notes from the PowerShell summit (may be changed)
21 May - Powershell Web Access
25 June - guest speaker PowerShell MVP Max Trinidad
30 July - Lessons from the Scripting Games
27 August - PowerShell eventing engine
24 September - CIM - cmdlets and sessions
29 October - PowerShell and XML
26 November - PowerShell type system - formatting and types files
17 December - PowerShell error handling

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