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Parallel copy files over remoting session

In response to this post -


I was asked how you could copy files in parallel to multiple machines.


As soon as anyone mentions parallelism I think of workflows so I ended up with this

$computers = 'W16TP5TGT01', 'W16TP5TGT02'

workflow parallelcopy {
  param ([string[]]$computername)
  foreach -parallel ($computer in $computername) {
     InlineScript {
       $s = New-PSSession -ComputerName $using:computer
       Copy-Item -Path C:\Scripts\New-NanoMachine.ps1 -Destination C:\Source -ToSession $s
       Remove-PSSession -Session $s

parallelcopy -computername $computers


A couple of issues I found. First off –Tosession and –FromSession haven’t been added to the Copy-Item workflow activity. This means you have to use an Inline script block to access those parameters


Secondly accessing a emoting session created outside of the workflow generates a session busy error when trying to perform the copy so have to move the session creation into the Inline script.


If you had a lot of files, or a lot of data, to copy to multiple machines this approach may be worthwhile. For small amounts of data then the approach in the original article is probably best.

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