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PowerShell books = Deal of the Day

Manning’s Deal of the Day for 18 November 2014 includes PowerShell in Depth, second edition and PowerShell and WMI

PowerShell in Depth, second edition in print

I received my copies of the print version of PowerShell in Depth, second edition today.  Amazon shows it being available in a couple of days


PowerShell in Depth second edition ebook

The ebook for PowerShell in Depth second edition is available from Manning -

Learning, always learning

PowerShell is going mainstream amongst the administrator community – it may seem slow but the last couple of years has definitely seen a sustained upswing in adoption in my experience. As more people are demonstrating the benefits we see more people asking how they can learn PowerShell.


Two good ways come to mind. First is go on a course delivered by a recognised expert – if you’re thinking of attending a PowerShell course find out who is delivering it and look them up. If they don’t seem like an expert look for another course. There is s lot of bad practice being communicated and you rally want to cut through that and learn from a master of the subject.


if you don’t like, or can’t attend, a course then your best bet is Don Jones’ book – Learn PowerShell in a Month of Lunches –


That completes the first part of your action. The second part is learning how to use PowerShell to administer the technology, or technologies, you work with.  Assuming you understand how to administer the underlying technology you need something to help you learn how to apply PowerShell to that technology. These are books I’d recommend:

For Active Directory

Learn Active Directory in a Month of Lunches -



Learn IIS in a Month of Lunches  -


For more general administration

PowerShell in Practice -

PowerShell and WMI -


For VMware

VMware vSphere PowerCLI Reference: Automating vSphere Administration

Managing VMware Infrastructure with Windows PowerShell


These are books that I’ve used or worked on in one form or another and that I’m prepared to recommend. There are books on other administration through PowerShell topics but not having read them I can’t recommend for or against


I’ll update this post periodically as I work through more technologies.

July 22 2014–deal of the day

Half off my book PowerShell and WMI. Use code dotd072214au at Also Half off PowerShell in Depth, Second Edition. Use code dotd072214au at

Time to stock up your book collection?

Manning are offering 40% off everything – print & ebooks – They have a very extensive set of PowerShell books – now would be the time to add to your collection

PowerShell Deep Dive and Save the Children

I co-edited PowerShell Deep Dives - – alongside Jeff Hicks and other PowerShell MVPs.  The book is collection of chapters from  PowerShell experts from around the world.

The list of authors includes:

Jeffery Hicks, Richard Siddaway, Oisín Grehan, Aleksandar Nikolić, Chris Bellée, Bartek Bielawski, Robert C. Cain, Jim Christopher, Adam Driscoll, Josh Gavant, Jason Helmick, Don Jones, Ashley McGlone, Jonathan Medd, Ben Miller, James O'Neill, Arnaud Petitjean, Vadims Podans, Karl Prosser, Boe Prox, Matthew Reynolds, Mike Robbins, Donabel Santos, Will Steele, Trevor Sullivan, and Jeff Wouters.


Best of all the royalties from the book all go to Save the Children.  The more copies we sell the more they receive.  If you haven’t bought a copy please do so. Available from your favourite bookshop or direct from the publisher.

Deal of the Day–26 March 2014

Tomorrow – 26 March – several PowerShell books will feature in Manning’s Deal of the Day:

PowerShell in Depth 2E

PowerShell and WMI

PowerShell Deep Dives


All highly recommended and full of PowerShell goodness

Multiple book offers

There are multiple money off offers from Manning for you to consider.

Firstly – tomorrow March 18 2014: Half off Learn Active Directory Management in a Month of Lunches. Use code dotd031814au at

The deal will go live at Midnight US ET and will stay active for ~48 hours.

Some other books in the Month of Lunches series will also be available under this offer.

Secondly – PowerShell in Depth 2E is going on to Early Access - You can get 50% off using code -  pid2eco

It is valid for the MEAP, eBook and pBook.  The code will be active until March 20.

Yes, we updated PowerShell in Depth for PowerShell v4.  Every chapter has been examined and brought up to date with v4 material added as appropriate. We have also added chapters including one on Desired State Configuration.

  Thirdly there is a 45% of everything offer! Just enter wm031714 in the Promotional Code box when you check out. Offer applies to your entire purchase--eBook, pBook, or MEAP. Expires March 25.

  Now would be a good time to get those books you’ve promising yourself

Learn Active Directory Management in a MoL on offer

Learn Active Directory Management in a MoL is 43% off through April 3, 2014 with code pbradm at